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Quite simply, our charity is about bringing joy, love and happiness to those with a terminal or life-shortening illness. We do this by gifting weddings and vow renewals with the help of the generous wedding industry and gifted volunteers all around the UK.

The idea for Gift of a Wedding started in 2012 when our founder and wedding planner at the time, Patricia Harrison, was approached by a young man aged 27 who had recently discovered that he was terminally-ill with brain cancer. Patricia and several other suppliers donated their services free of charge to put together the perfect wedding for this young man and his partner.

After realising that his case was not unique, Patricia set out researching the possibility of starting a charity that had the sole purpose of gifting weddings to terminally ill people in the UK. In 2013, Patricia made the charity her main mission and together with her team of dedicated volunteers has gifted over 200 weddings since.

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