Apply For a Wedding


Having taken into account the interest of our wedding recipients and the wonderful wedding and hospitality professionals who so generously donate their services and skills for our weddings, it is now evident that our service cannot continue because of the current Corona Virus epidemic in the UK..  We are therefore unable to offer weddings for the foreseeable future.

Once things get back to normal, we promise to start fulfilling dreams and creating memories for some very deserving people.

Applying for the Gift of a Wedding couldn’t be easier, our simple two-step approach makes it easy for you to apply.

Please note there are certain criteria that must be fulfilled before we can consider anyone for the Gift of a Wedding :

- Are the couple to be nominated both over 18?

- Are the couple to be nominated both UK residents?

- Are they hoping to be married in the UK?

- Do they wish to marry in the next 3 months?

- Has one of the nominees been diagnosed with a terminal illness?

If the answer is NO to any of the questions above,  we would be unable to consider them for a wedding.